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Alpine Loop drive for FHE

aspens are clearly his favorite
a little somethin for Jared to paint later
a selfie and a smoothie
a corsage I made and the almost-pants-but-not-quite-pants that I shamelessly wear to school three days a week--my mom bought these for me because she's the more stylish one
the time my ripped husband did a bunch of pull-ups at the Utah State Fair to win me a lanyard
huckleberry picking for hours with Jared's family in the gorgeous mountains of Washington
my very last floral arrangement I made at Campus Floral--it would be a floral funeral basket
when I kidnapped Jared after one of his job interviews to have spicy McChicken sandwiches and an oreo shake in the park
Diary of the Lost Phone Pictures

 The occasion?

Yes it looks like brains and blood.
But we are within a week of Halloween, so I'm going to say that that was the intention.

My cooking skills are off the hooook.

Fine Dining

After much turmoil with technology, I finally gave the "uploading wedding videos to blog" project to Jared.
The resolution went waaaay down and it got kind of squished in the process, but it's still great.

So without further adieu, our Wedding Highlights video:
videography by the amazing Kale Fitch

A Wedding Video

When coming home to your husband after ditching him to go to Disneyland,
you may expect him to surprise you by making dinner (Cap'n Crunch) and asking you with jealousy in his eyes how the teacups ride was.

You might not, however, expect my husband's variety of "welcome home."
A large handmade banner with only my name on it (clever, hon),
and proof that he's been reading my blog.
When I walked through the door, I was knocked off my feet with a bear hug 
and the smells of our most delicious fall candles warming,
homemade terriyaki chicken with vegetables for dinner, and chocolate cake just coming out of the oven.
I  immediately started crying, because I am a baby and he is so great.

I brought him a Little Mermaid story CD, fairy fruit-snacks, and breath that smelled like Chex mix and Twizzlers.

We're a regular Kathleen and Joe (You've Got Mail reference, anyone?)

Home Again

I went to Disneyland and left my husband at home.


It was kind of an accident. We knew my family was going and we were invited, but Jared is flying to Washington next week for a med school interview so we decided it'd be best for him to stay home and work this week.

The good wife thing to do would have been to stay home with him, but then I realized that I don't have work and I'd only be missing one day of school and, really, who couldn't use a California family vaca? I wouldn't have gone, but Jared kept on encouraging it, and so it happened. And I have major wife guilt about it, but I'm having a good time anyway.

Pathetic run-away-from-water shots like this one would be much happier with my handsome man in them.
I miss this guy so much.

Worst Wife Award (a sap post)

Since I'm a senior and taking all my top-level, hard-core editing classes this semester (watch yo' grammar mouths!), I had fourteen textbooks on my book list.

After I tried to cram my fourth 5-inch-wide book (The Chicago Manual of Style) into my backpack to little avail, I realized that fitting the next ten books into my pencil pocket would be a long-shot.

So I got a locker.

It's in the library. It's the best thing that ever happened to me. If freshman Laura could see me now, she'd weep. If sophomore Laura could see me now, she'd give me the jealous stink-eye. If junior Laura could see me now, she'd laugh at my misfortune (junior Laura took classes like "canyoneering" and "backbacking" and had 7-page-long "textbooks" like 100 Ways to Tie Knots--scoff!).

But really, I wish I'd nabbed a locker years ago, because

(a) it's stocked full of coconut bars and trail mix. Soon I'll add a hoard of Warheads and Capri Suns, for those study sessions when there's just no other way.

(b) since I leave most of by textbooks in my locker, I'm forced to go the library to do my homework. Not that I don't enjoy doing homework at home, but--oh hey look! A shelf to be organized! And hark! A muffin mix to be mixed! Looks like I'll have to do my homework later. Aw, shucks.

(c) two words. CANDY. STASH. I already said that, but it needed to be said again.

The Locker

Everyone ate on beautiful china because I'm a grandma. 
Half of the china actually did come from my grandmother's collection.
The other half came from my mother's collection.
We went for a European feel with the food because we met in German class.

 Guests signed Jenga blocks instead of a guestbook;
we like games.
Our pictures of Jared with his groomsmen are priceless.
He smiled great for the first half of the day, which is a really impressive and exhausting thing for him.
So by the evening, I think he was just done.
He looks like some sort of Mafia boss
surrounded by happy body guards,
and his little brother, Will, is his pet. Those two are adorable.

These are my bridesmaids.
They are the loveliest.
And they have impeccable style.
 The necklace belongs to my Grandma Roper (below),
and somehow I lost my wedding earrings between the luncheon and the reception.
Luckily I had some not-quite-as-amazing-but-still-nice backup earrings, just in case.
I may be the only bride on the planet who knows she has to plan for losses like that.

And this is maybe my favorite picture from the whole evening.
Oh, and this one of Jared and his dad.

More Reception Things


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