When we first moved to the Atlanta area, we had a couple relaxing weeks for exploring before Jared’s study schedule picked up and my husband turned back into a study robot. One weekend in September, we drove out to a tiny farm town called Dacula to pick some fruit. We were expecting some sort of big, semi-crowded apple orchard experience, but when we pulled up to the farm’s address it was just a little house and a small, private farm. The owners came out to greet us and they were so excited to send us picking and to meet Savanna. I’m sure I’ll say this in every blog post as long as we live here, but southerners consistently blow me away with their genuine friendliness.

We were a little late in the season for berry picking and peach picking, but there were lots of pears and muscadines (a large, thick-skinned grape) for us. We were in heaven, popping muscadines into our mouths here and there as we filled our little buckets, and Savvy was in heaven weaving in and out of vines and playing hide-and-seek with us. We had the whole farm to ourselves, and the weather was cloudy (aka the best).

We definitely plan to make a trip back to this you-pick farm sometime. There’s such a different, calmer feel out in the farm country of Georgia than there is in the city. Next time we do this there will be fewer pictures of Savvy and more pictures of us. Because we’re trying to grow an Instagram page for Savanna, sometimes we get a little snap-happy around her. I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as too many puppy picture though, so it’s ok.

Oh, and here are two houses we passed on our drive home. THE SOUTH, MAN.

Dacula You-Pick Farm


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