Diary of the Lost Phone Pictures

chronologically ordered from most recent to least recent
Alpine Loop drive for FHE

aspens are clearly his favorite
a little somethin for Jared to paint later
a selfie and a smoothie
a corsage I made and the almost-pants-but-not-quite-pants that I shamelessly wear to school three days a week--my mom bought these for me because she's the more stylish one
the time my ripped husband did a bunch of pull-ups at the Utah State Fair to win me a lanyard
huckleberry picking for hours with Jared's family in the gorgeous mountains of Washington
my very last floral arrangement I made at Campus Floral--it would be a floral funeral basket
when I kidnapped Jared after one of his job interviews to have spicy McChicken sandwiches and an oreo shake in the park

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  1. Aspens are my favorites too!!! Also I love your almost pants and you, because let's face it, you're the greatest.



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