Today I ran into an old high school friend who follows my blog (oh hey, Mal!).

And then I got a stomachache.

Except it wasn't actually a stomachache. It was just a wave of guilt because I've been neglecting this bloggity-blog thingy-thang.
(Come to think of it, it might've just been gas. Apples for lunch. Again.)

But why? I shouldn't care about you guys ! You mean NOTHING to me!!!

Just kidding. I think I've just been in denial. I tell myself I don't have time to blog, and then I spend a billion minutes stalking e'ryone's  blogs and Facebook-creepin on that cute guy in my German class.

So here's the deal. Imma ditch my Facebook account for a while (after I take care of some important Facebook business--it exists) and pick back up on blogging. In the end, I guess it's a better use of time.  Yes, I'm sacrificing dude-stalking for lady-blogging. I'm a saint. LOVE ME!!! FOLLOW ME!!!

Sound off. Here's a corsage I made for Grandma's birthday. Flowers from the yard. Picture sideways.
And here's to making it into the will and having a really cool grandma like "whoa."

Back and at it.

54 miles. 6 women, 3 of whom I work with.
Flower Shop 4 Lyfe.

It's the best of race-day adrenaline and road-trip humor
with the worst of several stinky middle-aged women crammed into one minivan for 7 hours.

We were team "Got the Glow" so that if we got flack for being so slow, we could blame pregnancy.
Or something.

Between running and driving, I done seen lovely Heber Valley in its entirety, 
including some overly-intense women peeing in the road, even though the race-sponsered Honey Bucket was 3 miles away.
I could do without seeing that one again.

Crispy September: Women of Steel Relay

My class Canyoneering trip took place in Capitol Reef, Southern Utah. We hiked up to Cassidy Arch.
 (Everyone smile and say "Cassidy" on 3! One, two, three, "CHASTITY!!!!")

My favorite thing about these trips is that you go on them not knowing anyone, and by the end of the trip you're all smackin each other and talking about poop.
No, I did not start that one. It just happened. For an hour and a half straight. 
Turns out that everyone has a good story about poop.

This picture is actually from our Battle Creek Falls trip, but it makes me feel like some sort of epic, rock-climbing, Bob-the-Builder-looking chick.
 Ok, this is our real life Southern Utah field trip
This bush was our anchor as we jumped off Cassidy Arch. When the teacher pointed to it, I thought he was cracking a joke.
Meat Anchor

 Und das ist Alles.

Crispy September: Canyoneering

Remember how I told you I was taking a bunch of fun classes that shouldn't be allowed, and then I never actually told you what they were? Well, we have:

Cycling: Where you sit on a stationary bike and go on virtual rides through the canyon. And get some 'mpressive bruisin' on your back-end.

Dialects: Where you learn to identify where someone's from by how they speak. Also, where we discuss how wealth/social class (affecting dialect) plays a role in dating at BYU. i.e. How do we feel about dating Lanai boys/girls?

Family History: Where you actually learn to do all that awesome stuff that you feel guilty about not knowing how to do after General Conference.

Canyoneering: Where you repel down waterfalls and jump in freezing rivers and dangle from campus bridges and take a trip down to Southern Utah to climb through a few treacherous canyons.

Backpacking: Where you go to a measly 2 class periods and then take a field trip to the Uintahs for a perfect over-nighter.

My next Crispy September adventure was my backpacking trip in the Uintah Mountains, up by Christmas meadows. For the sake of being able to finish all my September posts before November starts, I'll just leave you with exactly 7 pictures and say that this trip was one fantastic 10 miles of bushwhacking and campfire conversations about making out. And this all because our 50-year-old teacher lady wouldn't have it any other way, no matter how many times we tried to change the subject.

Crispy September: Backpacking

Today, in preparation for my Canyoneering trip tomorrow, I accidentally purchased the biggest smoothie I have ever seen.

No really. They had to give me a second cup because it wouldn't fit in their largest size.
They must've misinterpreted my mumbled order. Yup, I'm a mumbler.

When they called my name for me to collect my Pumpkin Smash goodness, the long line of guys behind me gave me the down-up like, "Woof--gurl got metabolism."

And I gave them the stink-eye like, "Brosephs. Pulease. I made it a light."

You'd better believe I finished all 500 ounces of that light, protein-boosted, pumpkiny beast. And I liked it. I'll see y'all at my next meal. In November.


I already posted about running my marathon, so I'll just leave you with 2 new pictures.
One of who-knows-what from mile 21 of the marathon.
The other from stuffing my face with Sarah Kay after said marathon.
(No, milkshakes are not Paleo. But they are crispy. October is pro-Paleo and anti-crispy, with the exception of my upcoming Canyoneering trip.)

And yes, I slept with my medal on.
Crispy September: Marathon

Sarah (my precious roommate) and I went on a two-week-long boy fast. As in, we refused dates for two weeks. Mostly this was for her sake, because I was busy taking ice-baths and cooking my dinners on a campfire during the designated weekends anyway. Plus also, my dating drama was on the fizzle, while hers was (as per usual) flaming up at an uncontrollable rate.

As Sarah explained our little hiatus to a new friend at a dance party, he smiled and asked:

"You mean, you're having a BOYcott?"

At which we laughed uncontrollably (as we are wont to do when we hear such clever and awful puns), and he said, "Please don't." And walked away.
Punday Monday


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