The Locker

Since I'm a senior and taking all my top-level, hard-core editing classes this semester (watch yo' grammar mouths!), I had fourteen textbooks on my book list.

After I tried to cram my fourth 5-inch-wide book (The Chicago Manual of Style) into my backpack to little avail, I realized that fitting the next ten books into my pencil pocket would be a long-shot.

So I got a locker.

It's in the library. It's the best thing that ever happened to me. If freshman Laura could see me now, she'd weep. If sophomore Laura could see me now, she'd give me the jealous stink-eye. If junior Laura could see me now, she'd laugh at my misfortune (junior Laura took classes like "canyoneering" and "backbacking" and had 7-page-long "textbooks" like 100 Ways to Tie Knots--scoff!).

But really, I wish I'd nabbed a locker years ago, because

(a) it's stocked full of coconut bars and trail mix. Soon I'll add a hoard of Warheads and Capri Suns, for those study sessions when there's just no other way.

(b) since I leave most of by textbooks in my locker, I'm forced to go the library to do my homework. Not that I don't enjoy doing homework at home, but--oh hey look! A shelf to be organized! And hark! A muffin mix to be mixed! Looks like I'll have to do my homework later. Aw, shucks.

(c) two words. CANDY. STASH. I already said that, but it needed to be said again.

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