Oh hey.

I promise there is awesomeness going on up in this piece.

Best apartment yet.
Awkward boy stories.
Apple bobbing.
A bajillion classes that shouldn't belong at the university because they're too fun.
Health fanaticism squared.
Parachute pants.

We'll get there. I just need to find a good balance for blogging in my life.
In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of a tropical funeral arrangement (I want that)
& some flowers saved for Inigo Montoya's wedding.

This kale tastes like the munchies.

 Sleep in a delicious-smelling eucalyptus forest.
Explore old army bunkers with your matchy-match-match family.
 Jog on the beach
  Make Sasquatch noises in a haunted forest on the beach.
 Tide pools with tiny cousins.
Golden Gate.
China Town.
Boogie Boarding.
So. Much. Awesome. Food.

San Francisco was awesome--warm, but not hot. Hydrangea lined the streets in front of colored houses. The city itself held all the excitement of a bustling urban-center, but with much more class and cleanliness than New York City.

I did miss my mountains though. 

Things to do in SF


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