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This is a video I put together of all the footage my brothers and I got while they were visiting us here in Grenada. For jokes, I wanted to pick a Grenadian dancehall song for the background, since that's what all the taxis played the week my brothers were here. There are random sound effects all throughout the songs, like sirens and horns and girls saying "are you serious?" Unfortunately I couldn't find a good one for the movie, but this song comes from an album called "Dancehall Places," so I figure that counts. I'd recommend watching in HD on Vimeo. Enjoy!

(The best part is when Jordan accidentally lets go of his kite at 00:51.)

p.s. I'm new to the world of video making, so for all you more seasoned filmmakers out there, I have a question. Where do you go to find quality free music for your videos? I don't want to pay $40 to license a new song every time I want to make and publish a personal video. I also don't want my videos removed from the web if my music isn't licensed properly. Suggestions?
A Video

This is gonna be a long one . . . and it's only part one.

My brothers Chris, Jordan, and Tim came to visit us on July 4. When they arrived, I demanded that they change into their swimming suits and we went to BBC beach. On the way over, a spring above one of our car tires broke, so we had to drive on it as little as possible for the rest of the week while our mechanic tried to find the right part to fix it. Oh, Grenada. Thanks for keeping me on my toes . . . always. At the beach, we snorkeled around a bit and found a starfish. We went back home and had a 4th of July dinner of burgers, watermelon jello, and ice cream sandwiches. 
Meanwhile, my parents were at West Point, singing their hearts out (my dad's in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) and watching probably the coolest firework show ever over that gorgeous river. Way to one-up us, Mom and Dad. You're the cool ones, we get it.
The next day, we all went to church together. We got to hear from lots of locals and have a very humid experience. Gotta love that church view, though.
We also went for a little walk and made a video for our parents. The sound didn't work, so we did some pretty weird voice-overs. We're hilarious.
On Monday, we went to the University Club Pool, where we had lunch, enjoyed the scenery, and sipped on virgin Pina Coladas, laced with fresh nutmeg. We also flew kites at the tide pool.
That evening, we took a super sketchy taxi ride to the north side of the island to see a sea turtle lay her eggs. The taxi ride was probably one of the highlights of the week for my brothers, but for me, it was mostly just one continuous prayer that we wouldn't die. It was definitely one of those Grenadian experiences I'll never forget! Crazy speeds on narrow, winding roads, up through the rain-forest.

Seeing the sea turtle was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. Leatherback sea turtles are really big and really heavy. The one we saw laid 107 eggs, and then took an hour to bury them and make her way back out to sea. Our tour guide let us touch her and everything. Once she finally made her way out to sea, we turned to go back to our taxi, but all of a sudden we were surrounded on all sides by tiny, adorable, freshly hatched baby sea turtles from a different nest making their way out to sea, too! We just stood there without moving for 15 minutes while they scrambled around us so we wouldn't accidentally crush any. Ah, the circle of life. That was on our anniversary, and it was unforgettable.
The next day, we took a taxi bus downtown to the spice market (I think--the days kind of blur together)

Straight off the taxi, a sneaky Grenadian named Randy started walking with and talking to us, all friendly like. I knew what he was up to, so I asked for his number and said if we ever wanted a tour we'd let him know, but for now we had plans. He smiled and nodded, and then just kept walking with us. Next thing we knew, we were being given a tour of downtown. It was enlightening, but after like an hour of that, I tipped him and we kind of ran away so we could do our own thing and buy some spices and souvenirs. On our way home, I lost my phone in a city taxi. TIG.
That evening, we tricked Jared into hanging out with us at Grand Anse beach (he mostly sulked on the side while we played because he forgot to bring his study materials with him--poor baby), and then we got some dinner at Umbrella's.
Here is a picture of the boys looking at the sheep in our neighbors' yard. Our friends won a sheep at bingo and have no idea what to do with it, so it basically just hangs out in their yard all day and plays with their two dogs, haha.
And then we had an impromptu mini photo shoot. We had planned to do a Hawaiian shirt photo shoot at the beach sometime, but that never happened. We got pleeenty of pictures though.
 And that's the first half of my brothers' week in Grenada, in pictures.

Brothers in Grenada: Part I

Oh haaaaay! Lookie here, a free afternoon for me, and that means a blog post.

First off, I did a "10 Things About Me" blog post a week or so ago because Emily tagged me to do one, but then I pulled it real quick to make some revisions. I must have accidentally deleted that post because I can't find it. Oops. Here's a pathetically short new one for you!

1. I like to eat lots of protein (but not in an "I work out" kind of way--don't be silly).
2. My favorite breakfast option is biscuits and gravy.
3. I prefer mountains over beaches (although the beaches in Grenada are pretty amazing).
4. I'm a picky reader. I'll only enjoy it if it's really well written and has a reallllly engaging plot.
5. My favorite season is fall.
6. I signed up for my first marathon because a guy I liked dared me to.
7. I've never had a cavity (Jared hates me for this one--he takes way better care of his teeth than I do and he still gets cavities).
8. In high school, my cool friends and I would dress up in '80s attire and watch old aerobics VHS's.
9. I'm fairly low-maintenance, but I do enjoy painting my nails and dressing up fancy.
10. I sometimes have fainting spells when Jared gets close to me. It started out as a joke when we were engaged, like, "Oh I feel faint--catch me!" But now it's like a semi-dangerous reflex.

I believe when I wrote the original post last week, I tagged Alex, Ashley, and Dottie to do this next if they're into this sort of thing. And hey Ishel, you too ;)

Jared's busy studying for his midterms this weekend, so chances are you'll see another post soon.

10 Things


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