We're back in Grenada after a month spent in Utah with our families. It was busy, but beautiful, and exactly the break we needed.

We did lots of fun things, like take Jared to see Arches for the first time, play at Lagoon, have a blast at the Bear Lake cabin, and spend a weekend by ourselves in Salt Lake City as a "pre-anniversary" getaway (my brothers will be staying with us in Grenada on our real anniversary and Jared will have class for most of the day). Despite my allergies, we made sure to get out in nature nearly every day, as Utah had a rainy spring and the mountains were prettier and greener than I've ever seen them. Here are two pictures from our time in beautiful Utah. The rest are on my parents' camera:
^^I got to see my brother Jordan (on the far right) for the first time in over two years! His best bud Nate made us a German dinner of wienerschnitzel and pommes frites, since he recently returned from a two-year LDS mission in Germany. People, there is NOTHING better than a good, stick-to-your-bones German meal. 
^^An anniversary hike to Ensign Peak in Salt Lake City.

We had a relatively smooth time getting back to Grenada. A grumpy Grenada customs lady made a thorough search of every single one of our six stuffed bags because we "didn't have our story straight" (when asked how long we'd been in America, Jared told her four weeks and I told her three, but in reality it was three and a half--we are liars and crooks). Fortunately, we had left all our electronics in Grenada and were only bringing back snacks and clothes, so she didn't find anything to charge us for. Grenada likes to tax all electronics by 50% of what they think the value is. "Oh, a laptop and a beautiful camera! You bought them on sale, you say? Well then, let's have you give us $500. Have a nice day!"

It really is great to be back. We spent one day at a gorgeous beach that we had all to ourselves, since 75% of the students at Jared's school don't have classes again until August. Then yesterday, we went hiking around a crater lake up in Grenada's mountains, where we stumbled upon two mona monkeys!
A Grenadian man with a rock fig (small banana) helped me to crouch down while one of them climbed up on my shoulder to grab the fruit. It was really gentle with me, and not at all shy. It sat there eating its banana until I crouched back down to the ground and it walked off into the forest. I spent the next hour smiling and giggling like a school girl. Feeding the mona monkeys was the second item on my Grenada bucket list, and I hope to see them again several more time. Lil' cuties!

Mona Monkeys


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