Home Again

When coming home to your husband after ditching him to go to Disneyland,
you may expect him to surprise you by making dinner (Cap'n Crunch) and asking you with jealousy in his eyes how the teacups ride was.

You might not, however, expect my husband's variety of "welcome home."
A large handmade banner with only my name on it (clever, hon),
and proof that he's been reading my blog.
When I walked through the door, I was knocked off my feet with a bear hug 
and the smells of our most delicious fall candles warming,
homemade terriyaki chicken with vegetables for dinner, and chocolate cake just coming out of the oven.
I  immediately started crying, because I am a baby and he is so great.

I brought him a Little Mermaid story CD, fairy fruit-snacks, and breath that smelled like Chex mix and Twizzlers.

We're a regular Kathleen and Joe (You've Got Mail reference, anyone?)



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