Well hey there! Just wanted to pop in and say hello since it's been a bit. I only have a couple minutes, but I wanted to do a quick post and mention the things that have been keeping me from this space and talk about them for a sec. We'll call this a mini life update!

Reasons why Laura has not been blogging:

(1) My parents came to visit last week! It was the highlight of the year and we had a wonderful time...besides when my mom slipped and broke her arm on their first day here. It was so sad and I couldn't sleep all night because I felt sick about it. Luckily all the activities I had planned were pretty chill and we were still able to do everything on my list and she wasn't in too much pain. I'll blog more about their trip later.

(2) I've been putting a LOT of time into constructing a beautiful new website. It's something that I'm really passionate about and I'm excited for you all to see it! It probably won't be ready to launch until I'm done in Grenada, and when it does I think I'll keep this blog as my personal blog. On the whole though, I'll probably be blogging less often as I pour my soul into that new space. It's going to be a culmination of all the things I love--writing, photography, floral design, videography, hair, fashion, the outdoors, food . . . just everything. I'm sure I'll eventually have to narrow its scope to stay sane, but for now my brain won't stop cranking out creative ideas. It's exhausting and exhilarating.

(3) My editing job has been picking up a bit. We need to save more money for when we have to move again in August, so this is a good thing. Also it simultaneously gives me structure AND a reason to stay in bed with my laptop until noon some days (three huge cheers for working from home), which is much awesome.

(4) We have less than a month left in Grenada. This makes me both so excited and so sad! Wow, I'm just a burrito full of emotions right now, aren't I? This keeps me from blogging because there are lots of loose ends for us to tie up, like selling all our belongings and getting our car registration renewed and then transferring its ownership (we sold it two nights ago but will get to keep it until we leave). This also keeps me from blogging because I feel like I need to spend every spare minute just soaking this island in. I've been taking lots of pictures and videos of the things we'll want to remember, but I probably won't get them all on the blog until after we're done in Grenada. I'm trying to enjoy every single moment. Even though we are so ready to be back in America, I think leaving Grenada will be harder than leaving America was two years ago, because there's no telling if/when we'll ever come back :(

(5) I've been sucked into the convenience of Instagram for recording memories (see images at the bottom of my blog). I've been really trying to up my Instagram game since it will be a great tool for me to grow my website once it's up and running. I'll have a separate account for my website later and that's what I'll be trying to grow, but if you need more Laura time in your life then go ahead and follow me on my personal account @lauralambert_ :)

In conclusion, I can't make any promises that I'll be blogging more often anytime in the near future (sorry Mom/Grandma!), although I'm hoping to do a few posts on the things I'll miss most and least about Grenada. I can promise that once we move back to America and I get back on my feet I'll start cranking out lots of exciting material from various corners of the interwebs. In the meantime, I encourage you all to find something you're passionate about and just go for it! This hasn't yielded a whole lot for me just yet, but it has made me happier and more productive than I've been in years.

I also encourage you to go eat yourself some chocolate, because you totally deserve it. You guys da best.


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