Hello ladies!

My BFF Julie is throwing me a bridal shower sometime soonish (these are the time-terms I allow myself to use during engagement: soonish and longish. I cannot guarantee anything more or less specific these days).

Would you like to come?

It will be a fresh mesh of high-school homies, college co-horts, blimey-good bloggers,
way-back-when wardies, aaaaand the like.

Some of you were at my first bridal shower.
That was good times.
Don't feel obligated to come again if you don't wanna.
I love your faces either way.

But anyone who would like an invite, go ahead and let me know in the comments section.
I will inquire about your address over Facebook (if you don't want to release that info to the world-wide-blogosphere) and get it to Julie.
She will send you a jolly-good invite.
And we will have a crazy party full of food and laughter and ponies.
(probably . . . )

And I will blog about it.
That's all. You guys are cuuuute.

To the Gally Girls

The day started out great.

I went with Jared to his court appearance.
(Our school wants to prosecute him for trespassing in the library.) 
(aka "studying too hard".)

Then we had hot chocolate and Reuben sandwiches at a down-home local cafe.
Where credit cards are not accepted.
And the customers who are not ancient cowboys have hooks for hands.

Then I slept for 2 hours.
Ignoring all homework and wedding planning.
And also my overflowing laundry hamper that has been there since April and smells like smoke.

We went to our fly-fishing class together (not a joke).
But while everyone else thought it would be great to fish in the pouring rain,
we thought it would better to discreetly kiss until they dispersed and then get out of there.

We drove further up the canyon and built a bonfire in the woods.
When we found an unopened coca-cola on the ground,
we took it as fate that we were at the right place. And we drank it.
Happy Tuesday.

Questionable Behavior

Chris: Why doesn't anyone buy seeded watermelons anymore? Are they so lazy that they can't spit the seeds out?
Laura: I just swallow them.
Chris: Ya, but then a watermelon's going to grow in your stomach. And then you'll think you're pregnant. But it'll actually just be a watermelon. And then when you go to deliver, you'll deliver a watermelon. And the doctor will be like, "Oh, congratulations! It's a watermelon!"

Mom: [with seriousness] Laura, here's an idea. You should name all your daughters princess names.

Mom: Ok, I'll say it. The only thing that would make this campfire better would be if Jordan were here.
All Children: [simultaneously] No way.
Laura: He's a joy kill.
Tim: He'd just be like, "This is stupid. I want to go in the house and lay on the couch and listen to my music.
Chris: We're happier now that he's gone. Tell him not to come back.
Mom: . . . ok then!

(Don't worry, we're all obsessed with Jordan. We just know he'd be proud of us for responding that way.)

Things said during FHE

Lil' brudda, Tim, was in his German class (come on guys--it's a thing) when some boy accidentally translated the picture of the dog sitting by a speaker as, "The dog is in the speaker." To which lil' brudda responded out loud,

"So that's why the call it a subWOOFer!!"

He does me proud, that one.

Today I went hiking with my family up Grove Creek .

I have no idea how this picture series happened,

but I have a headache.

And somehow I introduced this blog to this man just a week ago. Oops.


As I was mowing my front lawn, this classic came onto the shuffle.
(Also, 2:18-2:22. FACT.)

I accidentally put it on repeat and listened to it until I finished mowing the lawn.

On accident.

Punday Monday

-- My favorite color is blellow.

-- Chris, never take birth control pills. They will ruin your life and eat all the steak.

-- Good thing the fetal position is my favorite position

-- I have a great idea: let's feed pop rocks to squirrels in the wilderness. And then let's poke them with sticks.

Nobody ever talks about this part of planning a wedding. And for good reason. Here's to finding a pill that makes Laura less insane! And in the meantime, here's to Laura uttering several more blog-worthy utterances. Cheers.
Things said while under the influence of birth control pills

I don't have time for this.

At all.

No really.

Today I became physically ill because I worked and worried myself
 into a stress-induced fever. 

The birth-control side-effects don't really help with that, either.
(although they are a great excuse for satisfying any craving  you could possibly create)

The point is,

I want to start blogging again.

It's going to be meager for a while.

But I'm going to do it.

 As a "welcome back to my blog" present to you,
here is a picture of a throne.
 A good reason to take this picture would have been that I had packed away
all my mirrors on my last day at my apartment
and needed to see if the back of my head would be presentable
for my in-laws as we attended Jared's college graduation.

But I think I actually just wanted to document the location of
some of the most memorable moments of my 20th year of life.

. . . I'm back, home-slices.

Because I Want To


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