My weekend, in an image:

It was the greatest.
"Oh my! Who are those 2 guys?"

Maybe I should check my surroundings before I talk about the Good Looking Ones in public. Talking with my mom outside of work about how fine they look in their Sunday best, it took me 10 minutes to realize that my boss was listening from her car with the window down. Pretty sure she avoided me for the next 2 hours. Which was fine by me. The one time we accidentally crossed paths, I could swear she gave me a weird smile. She's a nice lady. Too bad today couldn't work out between us.

real boss.

I wish to share my favorite aspects of the testing center with you. I would argue that it is the creepiest building on campus. That may have something to do with the fact that I always procrastinate my tests until 9:00 at night when it's dark, empty, and cold outside. However, I don't get warm fuzzies when I take the floor and it's filled to capacity, either.

Tonight, I chose to frequent a bench out back for some last-second cramming. I immediately became more smug about life when a guy on his phone walked into the middle of the square and said in an uncommonly loud voice, "Dude, 98% of the cute girls chill at the testing center at night." I was sorely tempted to look up, evaluate his attractiveness, and then enjoy the looks of confusion and amusement on all the other cute girls' faces, but I was much too busy "chilling." When I got up to leave, he gave me the down-up. What a winner.

Finally I was able to wait in the 1/2 hour long line to have the privilege of taking a World Literature exam. I even got to stand behind a guy obviously excited about the privilege to take a Japanese test. His muttering enthused and encouraged me as I tried to remember Aristotle's 6 characteristics of a Greek tragedy.

I especially enjoyed waiting for one of the thousand or so kids taking tests to finish so I could use my animal-like prowess to claim a desk before any fellow vultures could dive. After spending two hours in my refrigerated happy place, I marched out of that building without even glancing at the score screen. I would love to take this opportunity to say, "I showed you, testing center!" But that would be a lie, because in my heart I would be whimpering.

I can not even tell you how ecstatic I am to multiply my bonding time with the testing center by ten come finals week. We are going to have such a solid relationship. Back off, cute testing center girls. I have a sharpened #2 and I'm not afraid to use it.

tonight's gonna be a testing center night

My roommates/inmates did their laundry last week, while I stood by and watched (another advantage of being close to home: mooching off the free washing machine). This is how laundry night usually goes down for us/me:

Our basement is creepy. And intimate. (Notice anything fishy about the above picture? Minus Dottie's Swedish treat?)
For some reason, we pwn at awkward looking pictures. Again with the lurpiness. I swear I'm only 5'9". Yet here you can see me undeniably eying Sarah's right fingers. Maybe I'm considering dipping them in syrup for breakfast. Beast.
Nasty looking Oreo truffles and grits: the food of the easterners and southerners.

My family is fantastic. My boyfraaaans are attractive. My plasma is plasmatic. Unfortunately, today I only have pictures of the fantastic. And my face looks pretty spazmatic.

awesomeness and attractiveness


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