There are very few things I would change about my wedding. The day itself was perfect, but if I were to go through the planning and preparing stage again, these are some things I wouldn't do. All you soon-to-be-married people take note:

1) We tried to take the classy approach by keeping our registry information off the announcement and instead directing people to a wedding website where they could find the information. But to be honest, that's an extra step that most people aren't going to take, as is evidenced by the less-than-fifty views on our registries. So unless you're trying to avoid offending someone with registry blatancy, slap it on the announcement card.

2) Don't get married on a holiday weekend. Your favorite people will come, but no one else will. Not that I noticed at the time--I was too busy being the happiest I've ever been in my whole entire life.

3) Don't sweat the details. The second you're married, they won't matter anymore! No one will notice if you keep everything on the conservative side, but your bank account (*cough, cough--your parents bank account*) will be a happier place.

4) Dying your hair three days before the wedding. RISKY. It turned out fine for me, but I still wouldn't recommend it unless you know how it's going to look on you.

5) Back on the registry note, we should have registered at Walmart and Ikea instead of Target and Bed Bath. Or if you like the online approach, try Amazon. Bed, Bath, & Beyond's prices are mostly about double what you can get at other places, which makes your guests less likely to buy there and makes you hesitant to spend any gift card money there. Target was alright, but the online registry has some annoying glitches, and you could squeeze way more things out of a Walmart gift card. Although many guests don't have a nearby Ikea, we've found ourselves buying a lot of furniture and random home essentials there, so a gift card there might have been nice. We also registered at Macy's just for our nice china dishes, and if you're into the china thing, I would recommend that.

Wedding: Things I would do differently

"The chicken's been in the oven 5 minutes too long? Don't worry, we're almost home. 
And did you know that one kiss equals undoing exactly 5 minutes of cooking time? 
It's the magic of the kiss. Come on, magiiiiiiic."

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