Jared will be spending the next two years attending medical school on the Caribbean island of Grenada.
Aaaaand, I guess I'll come too.

The plane tickets are reserved (August) and we're looking for housing.
Should we live on campus (pictured above) or off campus?
How many swimsuits should I pack?
These are the struggles I have to deal with on an everyday basis.

Goin' Tropical

This last weekend, we spent a day in Daybreak. Utah people, you need to go check out Daybreak if you haven’t already, because it is just right out of a storybook. The houses are all different colors, the walkways feel European, and there’s a cute little lake with bridges, geese, and a quaint beach.







If you’re super classy (like us), you can bring a McDonald’s picnic and play games like “let’s see who can get closest to the big goose before it hisses!”

It may be built on a landfill, but you might find us living here a decade down the road, because we can’t resist the cuteness factor.


(1) He throws me surprise birthday parties (wherein my parents gift me my dream camera--thanks parents!)

(2) He has really nice hair--the swoosh is all natural

(3) He only has one camera face, and it's fantastic

Some Reasons He's Great

Well, hey.

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here and I have so many posts I want to post.

Unfortunately, we accidentally lost our internet two weeks ago, and our good Fiber friends haven't swept in to save the day yet. Also, I'm done with school so the chance of me going to campus for internet access is slim.

So even though I have a boatload of good pictures and posts, for now you just get a corsage photo. Because it's prom season and I made 20 corsages in two days.
It was excessive.

For a surefire great spin to your day, you should probably definitely watch this lil' movie. The entire thang. It may change your life and everyone else's life.
Thanks to Jordan for introducing our family to great musics and youtube vids.


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