Hey! I'm Laura. I started this blog just before I began college in 2010 as a way to record all those crazy things I did with my roommates that probably shouldn’t ever have been recorded. So much has changed since then, but the snarky undertones to the majority of my posts has remained a constant (hence the blog name).

I met the handsome and goofy Jared Lambert in a German class at BYU in 2012. I soon received an LDS mission call to the New Hampshire Manchester mission, but Jared and I had started dating pretty seriously and he was like, “Hey actually do you want to just marry me instead?” And I was like, “Wellllll, I’m obsessed with you so ok cool!” We were married in July of 2013 (read about it here) and then honed in our extremely basic/embarrassing German skills during our 10-day honeymoon in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Can’t speak a lick of German anymore, so it’s a good thing we went when we did! The locals laughed so hard at our accents and our general noobness, but we refused to let them speak English to us.

2014 was a big year. I graduated from BYU in the spring with a BA in English language and a minor in editing. So yes, you could say I like words. Come autumn, we packed six suitcases full of who-even-knows-what and moved to Grenada—a tiny island in the southern Caribbean—for Jared to attend his first two years of medical school at St. George’s University. I soon landed a job with an online editing company. I work at home, wearing pjs and taking frequent smoothie breaks.  I’ve loved documenting our time in Grenada through words, photos, and videos, and I recently realized that the passion I’ve gained for making movies is, like, a real thing. I’m in the process of building a portfolio so I can launch a videography website in the coming months.

It hasn’t been 100% easy living in a developing country, but it has been 100% an adventure, and I wouldn’t trade the experiences we’ve had here for any number of McDonald’s spicy chicken sandwiches, even though we’ve missed American food something fierce. Speaking of America, we’ll be moving back in May of this year! We’ll live with my parents in Utah for the summer while Jared studies for and then takes the US Medical Licensing Exam in July, and then we’ll move somewhere else in August to begin his two years of hospital rotations. (He graduates from medical school after those two years, and then he’ll begin a several-year medical residency. It’s a long process.)

My hobbies include floral design (I worked as a florist during my college years), video making, hiking, cooking, and running. His hobbies include studying (but really), coming up with brilliant ideas for children’s books, weird new-age music, and running. We’re a bit out of shape now, but we ran a marathon together the summer of 2014. We look forward to a lifetime of health, babies, camping, and supporting our family by doing the things we're passionate about.

Thanks for reading!


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