Questionable Behavior

The day started out great.

I went with Jared to his court appearance.
(Our school wants to prosecute him for trespassing in the library.) 
(aka "studying too hard".)

Then we had hot chocolate and Reuben sandwiches at a down-home local cafe.
Where credit cards are not accepted.
And the customers who are not ancient cowboys have hooks for hands.

Then I slept for 2 hours.
Ignoring all homework and wedding planning.
And also my overflowing laundry hamper that has been there since April and smells like smoke.

We went to our fly-fishing class together (not a joke).
But while everyone else thought it would be great to fish in the pouring rain,
we thought it would better to discreetly kiss until they dispersed and then get out of there.

We drove further up the canyon and built a bonfire in the woods.
When we found an unopened coca-cola on the ground,
we took it as fate that we were at the right place. And we drank it.
Happy Tuesday.

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  1. your marriage and future children will change the world. please never stop blogging



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