To the Gally Girls

Hello ladies!

My BFF Julie is throwing me a bridal shower sometime soonish (these are the time-terms I allow myself to use during engagement: soonish and longish. I cannot guarantee anything more or less specific these days).

Would you like to come?

It will be a fresh mesh of high-school homies, college co-horts, blimey-good bloggers,
way-back-when wardies, aaaaand the like.

Some of you were at my first bridal shower.
That was good times.
Don't feel obligated to come again if you don't wanna.
I love your faces either way.

But anyone who would like an invite, go ahead and let me know in the comments section.
I will inquire about your address over Facebook (if you don't want to release that info to the world-wide-blogosphere) and get it to Julie.
She will send you a jolly-good invite.
And we will have a crazy party full of food and laughter and ponies.
(probably . . . )

And I will blog about it.
That's all. You guys are cuuuute.


  1. I fail at information giving. Keep inviting people! More need to come. :D

  2. Laura I would love to come since I obvi missed the work one! Well I would love to come either way. Ok now I'm being awkward and I'll stop. But count me in?

  3. Alyssa, you were obvi already invited even before this comment :) I was all like, "Julie. Alyssa. Duh." or something. This is gonna be good times!



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