Punday Monday

Lil' brudda, Tim, was in his German class (come on guys--it's a thing) when some boy accidentally translated the picture of the dog sitting by a speaker as, "The dog is in the speaker." To which lil' brudda responded out loud,

"So that's why the call it a subWOOFer!!"

He does me proud, that one.

Today I went hiking with my family up Grove Creek .

I have no idea how this picture series happened,

but I have a headache.

And somehow I introduced this blog to this man just a week ago. Oops.


As I was mowing my front lawn, this classic came onto the shuffle.
(Also, 2:18-2:22. FACT.)

I accidentally put it on repeat and listened to it until I finished mowing the lawn.

On accident.

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