Back and at it.

Today I ran into an old high school friend who follows my blog (oh hey, Mal!).

And then I got a stomachache.

Except it wasn't actually a stomachache. It was just a wave of guilt because I've been neglecting this bloggity-blog thingy-thang.
(Come to think of it, it might've just been gas. Apples for lunch. Again.)

But why? I shouldn't care about you guys ! You mean NOTHING to me!!!

Just kidding. I think I've just been in denial. I tell myself I don't have time to blog, and then I spend a billion minutes stalking e'ryone's  blogs and Facebook-creepin on that cute guy in my German class.

So here's the deal. Imma ditch my Facebook account for a while (after I take care of some important Facebook business--it exists) and pick back up on blogging. In the end, I guess it's a better use of time.  Yes, I'm sacrificing dude-stalking for lady-blogging. I'm a saint. LOVE ME!!! FOLLOW ME!!!

Sound off. Here's a corsage I made for Grandma's birthday. Flowers from the yard. Picture sideways.
And here's to making it into the will and having a really cool grandma like "whoa."

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  1. Haha...Sorry to give you a stomachache. I love your blog anyway. Nice seeing you today!



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