Today, in preparation for my Canyoneering trip tomorrow, I accidentally purchased the biggest smoothie I have ever seen.

No really. They had to give me a second cup because it wouldn't fit in their largest size.
They must've misinterpreted my mumbled order. Yup, I'm a mumbler.

When they called my name for me to collect my Pumpkin Smash goodness, the long line of guys behind me gave me the down-up like, "Woof--gurl got metabolism."

And I gave them the stink-eye like, "Brosephs. Pulease. I made it a light."

You'd better believe I finished all 500 ounces of that light, protein-boosted, pumpkiny beast. And I liked it. I'll see y'all at my next meal. In November.


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  2. Jamba Juice for the win. So California status.



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