Crispy September: Canyoneering

My class Canyoneering trip took place in Capitol Reef, Southern Utah. We hiked up to Cassidy Arch.
 (Everyone smile and say "Cassidy" on 3! One, two, three, "CHASTITY!!!!")

My favorite thing about these trips is that you go on them not knowing anyone, and by the end of the trip you're all smackin each other and talking about poop.
No, I did not start that one. It just happened. For an hour and a half straight. 
Turns out that everyone has a good story about poop.

This picture is actually from our Battle Creek Falls trip, but it makes me feel like some sort of epic, rock-climbing, Bob-the-Builder-looking chick.
 Ok, this is our real life Southern Utah field trip
This bush was our anchor as we jumped off Cassidy Arch. When the teacher pointed to it, I thought he was cracking a joke.
Meat Anchor

 Und das ist Alles.

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