Crispy September: Backpacking

Remember how I told you I was taking a bunch of fun classes that shouldn't be allowed, and then I never actually told you what they were? Well, we have:

Cycling: Where you sit on a stationary bike and go on virtual rides through the canyon. And get some 'mpressive bruisin' on your back-end.

Dialects: Where you learn to identify where someone's from by how they speak. Also, where we discuss how wealth/social class (affecting dialect) plays a role in dating at BYU. i.e. How do we feel about dating Lanai boys/girls?

Family History: Where you actually learn to do all that awesome stuff that you feel guilty about not knowing how to do after General Conference.

Canyoneering: Where you repel down waterfalls and jump in freezing rivers and dangle from campus bridges and take a trip down to Southern Utah to climb through a few treacherous canyons.

Backpacking: Where you go to a measly 2 class periods and then take a field trip to the Uintahs for a perfect over-nighter.

My next Crispy September adventure was my backpacking trip in the Uintah Mountains, up by Christmas meadows. For the sake of being able to finish all my September posts before November starts, I'll just leave you with exactly 7 pictures and say that this trip was one fantastic 10 miles of bushwhacking and campfire conversations about making out. And this all because our 50-year-old teacher lady wouldn't have it any other way, no matter how many times we tried to change the subject.

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