Crabs of the Caribbean

Turns out the creepy crab sheets were totes appropes for this place. It is literally CRAWLING with the things. One of my favorite Grenada memories so far is the night we flew in to the island. A friend (whose apartment we're actually going to take over in January) drove us from the airport to our new little house. It was drizzling and huge tropical insects were chirping and around every corner a crab would scuttle across the street in the car headlights. The first time it happened, I was amazed. "That is definitely not a squirrel," I noted with big eyes.

On Sunday we took a stroll to see the crab field that's just half a mile from our house. During the day it's just a big grassy field where people sometimes toss frisbees back and forth, but at twilight it turns into a crab metropolis.
These guys are sneaky. The above picture is the best one I could get of them because they can smell you from like twenty yards away. They'll all stare at you as you approach, and if you get within fifteen feet, they'll scurry into their holes lightning fast and stay put til you're gone. They're a bunch of skittish scaredy crabs.

When I told my mom about the crabs, she was adamant that we should grab a couple and cook 'em up for dinner. Unfortunately we've been warned against that because they live on a diet of whatever they can find in the sewers. And to be perfectly honest, I am 100% positive that I couldn't touch one with a 39-and-a-half-foot pole if I tried. They are just too quick. (We met one guy who has made the crab field a part of his running routine so he can try to kick one long-distance. He's never succeeded in even getting close.)
After we had scared every last crustacean into their hidey holes, we just enjoyed the beauty of the tropical homes and foliage and sunset.

 ^^I'm determined to teach him that not taking pictures seriously = publication of said pictures. If he never learns though, I'll actually be ok with it. Pretty entertaining, that one can be. And for those who are interested, he is dominating this med school thing! He thinks he got 100% on a big anatomy quiz today, and as of tonight he's caught up on all his class studies (an impressive feat in itself) and begun to study ahead into lectures he hasn't even attended yet. Good work Docta J-Rad!

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  1. I love all the landscape pictures! They're postcard material! and it makes me feel more like I'm there with you.



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