Pool Life

Every Monday and Thursday is pool day at the university club. This means that "significant others" of med and vet school students get to hang out at a fancy pool on the beach for FREE. This is pretty much what most of the wives live for around here: good company and fancy tropical drinks at the drop of an EC.

This is not the place to tan. Sure lots of people do and there are great lounge chairs if that's your thing, but my thing is chatting in the cool water and reading in the shade of a palm tree. I only pull up a lounge chair after I've turned into a water prune and require a virgin colada to refresh myself. (Oh, and also when I bust out my camera so y'all can live it vicariously.)

I'm not going to pretend that everything in Grenada is perfect (clearly), but I am going to be honest and admit that the university pool is perfect enough to make up for most of the less-than-awesome stuff. And even though I may have to wait half an hour for a bus to show up and take me home at the end of pool day, chillin' in the shade of a mango tree really isn't the worst.


  1. That looks lovely. :) As does your cute pedi! I'm going to go paint my nails now.

  2. oh my gosh! this looks like paradise! (I get that not everything is perfect, but these photos are just lovely.)

  3. That's it! I am leaving my family and hopping on a plane to 'take care' of you and Jared for your full 2 years in Grenada!

    1. I wouldn't be sad about that--do it!! We can have virgin margaritas every day and try exotic fruits . . . your family wouldn't mind, right? :)

  4. Replies
    1. It is like heaven! Not all the time, but definitely on pool days ;)



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