Skinup Season

I discovered these magical gems at the local farmer's market this morning.
(Which, by the way, made all y'alls American farmer's markets look boring.)

I've tried several exotic fruits here that I'd never seen before, but these are by far my favorite.

"Skinups" is what we call them in Grenada. If you've seen them before, you may know them by some other name. I've been told they're a species of grape, but I'm a skeptic (mostly because I see them growing on trees).

Skinups are delicious, but you've gotta be gutsy to try one.

First step is to break off the "skin," which is like a thin outer shell. Beneath the shell we find the fruit, and beneath the fruit we find . . . its . . . nucleus. (Nucleus?? Yes.) The fruit is a thin gel that covers a big pit. It looks and feels like mucus--and this is where the gutsiness comes in. Once you work up the courage to pop that gelatinous center into your mouth and suck the fruit off from the pit, you will be so happy you did.

I can't even describe the flavor. It's really sweet (unlike many of the sour tropical fruits here), and I guess it actually is more similar in taste to a grape than any other fruit I've tried.

The moral of the really long post about a fruit is that you need to come down here and drown yourself in the delicious flavors of skinup fruit mucus. Over and out.


  1. Daaaaang, getting all artsy with the pictures!!! And way to go on a new food discovery!



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