Thoughts on Gathering and Packing

+ It's better not to start packing until after you've collected everything you need to pack. That way, repacking over and over again is unnecessary. Learned that one the hard way.

+ It's nice to have the world's best grandmother to help you gather last-minute necessities. Now I have a swimsuit and shorts for every imaginable occasion and a like-new Kindle for all my reading needs. (Thank you so much Grandma!)

+ Need awesome and inexpensive sheets? Ross. TJ Maxx. Burlington. That is all.

+ Need lightweight and impossible-to-break dishes? Target. That is all.

+ Shopping for supplies all day every day is only fun for about two days. After day 12, not so much. (I'm kind of an OCD shopper. I won't settle until I find the very best thing at the very best price.)

+ Shopping for supplies all day everyday may turn you into a real-life zombie. After you turn into said zombie, it is a good time to run into your new blog friend Alex at Target and suddenly blank on her name and everything about her and also everything about yourself. (Give me a second chance Alex! I promise I'm not always a glazed-over sleep-deprived zombie! Also, you have nice skin . . .)

+ Our new guest-bedroom sheets are covered in crabs. AKA if you come visit us you will have crabs in your bed. AKA . . . stop thinking about it. We're regretting the purchase already. COME VISIT!!


  1. HAHAH crab sheets. I love it. this whole post made me crack up.

  2. haha, i actually think the crab sheets are adorable. good luck with that good ol process of moving! :)



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