Good news: I got a tan today.

The super cute kind that you get on accident when you sit outside and read a book (don't you ever interrupt me) after breakfast for half an hour and it's hardly even sunny so you don't even think about sunscreen and it's the first one of the season for your pasty skin so it's stuck like that for the rest of summer no matter what you do. Ya, that kind.

This picture doesn't even do it justice. It's incredible.

And last year's proof that the first awful tan of the season sticks until the end of the summer no matter what. Bad running choice in May = same weird line we see in August. Fabulous:

Any super sick tan-line stories out there? I know at least one of you has a picture for me. Link me up!


  1. I'm unsure as to why but rather love tan lines. a whole lot. in fact, i strive for them.

  2. Hello. Guilty as charged. One tanning misadventure, comin' up.



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