It's on like Diddy Kong.

This is an open competition. If you beat my minesweeper score (on the standard "intermediate" difficulty level), I will write a limerick about you. 2 verses. It will include content on how you are a superior being when compared to me. I will publish it on this here blog a week from today. I don't think I need to say anything else.

I included the flying pig on my keyboard in this picture so you can know that this is indeed my score and I didn't get a picture of someone else's time off the internet. I was tempted though. Minesweeper competitions are almost life-altering enough to warrant a sacrifice of integrity. So get on it.

Comment your time score if you beat me; 56 seconds or better. Take a picture if you think I will doubt you. I might.


  1. Steph: Your mom is invited to this. I'm definitely trying to beat her score as I write this.

  2. So ... I tried to beat this, and realized that 57 seconds is actually REALLY good. And that I'm not that good. So good job. Your trash talking on my blog was not without ground.



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