1.   cream cheese (cr) + yellow cake mix (ak) + brownies (own)         + cookie dough (ie) + candy bars  (czars)
2.   concealing vessel for harmful and maybe illegal substances

Swirl it all together and cook it for however long you feel like you want to cook it (gosh!). I'm sure it will all work out, despite its sketchy name.

My apologies for the phone camera. Sometimes, 15 feet is just too far to walk for a camera that will provide a decent image -- especially when the only thing at stake is all y'alls perception of this unnatural and half-eaten monster. I think the quality only adds to the effect anyway.

I really shouldn't sign up to bring the treat when I'm feeling this creative.


  1. That could possibly give you a heart attack and a high (sugar) at the same time...

  2. Dottie, thank you for clarifying which kind of "high" this dessert induces. I appreciate the specificity.

    Laura, that is quite a treat indeed.



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