We made this for you.

This started out as a music video throwdown against my little brother Jordan.

Jordan's pretty lazy though and never did anything, so roommates and I didn't actually execute this plan and film anything until the last night of college, when nobody was going to sleep anyway. Add that to the creepy basement cage/study room. It was not hard to get my face stuck in that disturbing position.

I was nominated to the fill the part of creeper Julian for reasons unbeknownst to mankind.

The technological problems made this video almost more trouble than it was worth, but not quite. It messed up the timing with the lip syncing, but Sarah saved the day with the legit captions, so no complaints.

Much of this arises from college ward inside jokes (such as construction workers watching us through our windows and birthday party for bishop's daughter in their basement). But as you can tell, most of the human race can relate. I guess.

Fun Fact: Dottie's face is pressed up against the glass in all the shots where I'm reading a book in my favorite nook. Some girls walked by at 3 in the morning and saw her standing there, alone outside. They were never the same.

Take notice of our selection in reading materials. We're questionably righteous.


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