6 pounds, 4 ounces

Remember my baby craving? Whelp, the hunger has been satisfied.

I received this beautiful child for my birthday. I was the happiest mama of all on my special day. I'm very good to her and pay her lots of attention, and she coos dreamily for me.

I also got these treasures:

Asian Landscape in a Questionable Smelling Bottle

I really don't know what this is
Thanks, Steph. Thanks, brother.

And finally,

right here, we find further evidence that I do the stanky leg subconsciously at pretty much all times: when taking study breaks, brushing my teeth, offering hugs-- It's a little bit awkward, seeing as I can't even joke about being black on the inside. I suppose I could at least pretend I'm proud of my super-white wanna-be subconscious dance moves.

Ya, maybe that.


  1. Dear Laura,

    This last image makes me doubt your super-whiteness. Come fall semester, let's do some in depth genealogy for you, and find out who your REAL great-great-grandfather is. I'm sure he's gonna be black.

  2. Laura - that looks like my guitar! Don't you love it?! Now me, you and Julie can all rock out. Too bad we can't go to girls camp anymore to sit around the fire to play ;)

  3. i kind of heart you. and your style. Whatsay we do a little photoshoot for you anyway, eh? (the free kind, cuz what is better than free stuff? oh yeah, you.)

  4. Really???!!!!?! I don't know if this is even a good idea, but I say "ooooooooooh-kayyyyyyyyy!!!!"

    ruthie.von, you make my dreams come true. I don't really know where to contact you. I think I'll shoot you an email at the address listed on your blog [insert word here that ends in -oo].



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