How's this for a gamble?

I'm ready to go turn in a questionnaire for a job I would enjoy obtaining. I answered 6 of the 7 questions with ease and, if I do say so myself, impressive capability. However, I was having trouble coming up with a response to the first question that was both creative and memorable (in a good way). Finally I settled on something. It's a risky move.

Question 1: Why do you want to be a part of [Awesome Pizza Place]?

Answer: "Sometimes, when you go to college, you need to get a job making pizza--in your building; it’s for fun."

If the employer is a die-hard Nacho fan like myself, then it's in the bag. If not, I'm most likely doomed. Especially since this is the first thing they will read.

I for one am hopeful, but my mother thinks I'm a crazy person. Feel free to place bets on the outcome of this tense situation.

1 comment

  1. I place bet of it being in the bag. Awesome Pizza Place is probably run by an Awesome Pizza-Loving Fellow who will undoubtedly at least find the answer funny.



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