Port Louis Marina

^^Grenada' general hospital, where Jared's been shadowing doctors for the past few months. No AC, but I nice ocean view and breeze going through the windows.
 ^^"The Carenage." This is downtown St. George's where the big ol' cargo ships dock and unload huge huge shiploads of everything that anybody on the island needs. (Grenada isn't a big producer of, well, anything but spices. Mostly they import.)
 ^^Seafood dinner.
 ^^Jared lost deep in thought, with his first shadowing hospital behind him.
 ^^Jared lost deep in thought, walking past a ginormous bonfire pit.
 ^^Big fancy yachts.

One of the nicest ports (probably the nicest) in Grenada is Port Louis Marina. This is where outrageously wealthy individuals and companies park their private super-yachts that are bigger than chapels. There's a restaurant there (can't remember what it's called) that Jared and I have eaten at two or three times. They serve the best chicken alfredo we've ever tasted.

These pictures are from a time when we went to the marina and explored out more than we usually do. We stumbled upon a big, grassy field where all these 20-something yacht people were playing frisbee with each other. It was so weird to watch these people, who are our age, and imagine their lifestyle. IMAGINE WITH ME. It's nuts. Yachting around the world with personal chefs.


  1. They must be like Logan from Gilmore Girls! That's what I imagine anyway :)

  2. They must be like Logan from Gilmore Girls! That's what I imagine anyway :)

  3. I have tried imagining that life and I literally cannot. I tried for my entire reading of Mrs. Kennedy and Me, which detailed houses upon houses and yachts upon yachts belonging to the Kennedy family and taking them upon vacations galore. Like, what the heck?? How is that a life that people out there, somewhere, are leading? I'm not mad about it. I just cannot fathom it. I'd be down to try their chicken alfredo, though.



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