Lance Aux Epines Tide Pools

I know I've posted lots of pictures of these tide pools before, but they're really special to us so I'm not going to stop! This is the place we go almost every evening for our evening walk. It's only about a quarter of a mile away, which is perfect because Jared probably wouldn't be able to justify a daily walk away from his studies if it was any longer.

To get to the tide pools you walk a little ways down form our house, take a left at the roundabout, go up a quiet road, take a left at the end, walk down the cutest path lined with beautiful vegetation, and there you are! These pictures were taken in February, but today we took a walk to the same tide pools and it was one of the best yet. The sky was pink and blue and cloudy, and the night was cool. Jared slipped his arm around my waist, and we talked about how sad we would be to leave our Grenada walks behind in just a little over a month. Although we're really excited for lots of America things, I doubt wherever we move next will have nearby walks that compare to these.

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