Hey Look, It's Ramen!

A pictureless, stream-of-consciousness style post. Yust for fun.

Jared and I are in the Miami airport right now. For nine hours. Huzzah! We're going to go see my brother get married real quick, and then we'll come right back.

The Miami airport is the worst because it doesn't have free wi-fi and it's freezing (probably I'm just a Caribbean cry-baby). But my mom was like, "Girl, you're not sitting there for nine hours without Internet. That's not going to be a thing." And then she funded our airport Internet for the day. Thanks, parents!

Jared just finished writing a school essay for like five hours and so now it's my turn on the computer. What did we even do before computers?? (Also, am I even qualified to ask such a question when I literally have never known life without computers?) Since all of my fun personal projects are on my laptop in Grenada, the only things I can even do on here are blog and read the 200-Facebook-message-long spontaneous lip-syncing contest between 30 of us Grenada girls that just blew up my FB. Hulurius. Love those Grenada gurls.

Jared can NOT stop talking about how much he loves the GI tract. Is this normal?

And on a related note, just found out how much Jared does NOT love my facial features. Me: "I hope our babies have your lips and your amazing eyelashes and your nose. But I like my ears. They can have my ears." Jared: "Ehhhh, I actually like my ears a little better. They should have my ears." Me: "Ok, but what else? Build your perfect baby, Jare." Jared: "My nose, my eyes, my lips, my ears, my hair, my jaw." Me: Do they get anything of mine? Do I have ANY superior features to you?" Jared (in total seriousness): "Well, you  just get used to seeing your face in the mirror for so long and that's what you come to like. I guess they could have your smile though." THE TRUTH COMES OUT. Our first two years of marriage were filled with much less harsh honesty than this one is. This one's funnier though. I'll take the trade-off.

Speaking of funny...

After we got off the plane we walked by this Asian food place in the airport. Jared looks over and shouts, "Hey look, it's ramen!" really loudly. But what he didn't realize was that as he pointed at the ramen, a suave airport worker with a name badge reading "Roman" walked right where Jared was pointing. Jared kept walking, Roman gave him the most sincerely confused look, and I fell to the floor, dead from laughing. I seriously don't think I've laughed so hard in years. It took me a full three minutes to calm down enough to explain the Roman/ramen thing to Jared. It was the most perfectly timed irony the universe has ever given me. I am so happy right now.


  1. Haha I love this post. You are so funny! And I was going to say they should have your smile. At least your photo smile. Haha because I've seen Jared smile like at your wedding reception or something, but not in photographs!!

  2. Laura I can't even tell you how hard I'm laughing right now. Hahahahaha I'm going to wake up Stephen and Lydia but I just can't stop! You are hilarious and I love your posts.



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