The Limas Family

The Limas Family from Laura Lambert on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago I took some pictures and shot a video for this cute family. Brandon is a term 2 med student at Jared's school and their family goes to church with us. Allie is super sweet and was a dance major at BYU. She's in a dance group here with some other friends of ours and they are awesome! And their baby . . . don't even get me started. She is such a fun lil' cutie. Love these guys!

I'm still a bit of a photo/video rookie, but every time I step out of my comfort zone to do something like this I learn so much! And although I'm excited to upgrade my gear later this year, I'm also grateful that I'm stuck with what I've got in Grenada (no technology stores around these parts). It's forced me to focus on technique and do a lot more research than I may be doing if I had fancy stabilization equipment and top-quality lenses to lean on. Plus, I'm grateful that people here want to hire me so I'll actually be able to afford upgrades later on. Lots of things to be grateful for in Grenada.

Oh and hey, I'm getting ready to launch a website in the coming month or two. I'm thinking it'll be half videography website, half blog. I figure if I'm going to pay for a domain name, I may as well put both on it. Thoughts on a name? Unfortunately, "Simpleton Pleasures" proooobably isn't the best choice for a videography website. It may be time to move past this space *tear*. I'm thinking that for simplicity, I may just use my own name for my budding business. You know, Laura Lambert Films or something generic like that. Thoughts? Experiences? Business name suggestions for me? Please and thank you!

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