Breakfast Picnic at LAE Beach

On Friday, Jared didn't have class until the afternoon. With only a few months left in Grenada, I crave all the beach views I can get, so I talked him into a breakfast picnic on Lance Aux E'pines Beach (talked him into it the night before, that is; spontineity ain't no thang in med school). I made a kiwi-banana smoothie while Jared whipped up a hash of eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns, and we drove 5 minutes down the road to our quiet neighborhood beach.

As happy as we'll be to get back to America, we're really going to miss this place! I've been feeling nostalgic all term, but it didn't hit Jared until this last week that he might be a little sad to say goodbye to our island home. It happened when he looked up our flight itinerary for the end of the term. When he told me we'd be going home on May 14, I gasped. That's only a day after his finals! That means no last-minute island explorations or beach days together free of school stress before we go home.

When I explained this to him, he thought about if for a bit and then worry lines started to creep across his forehead. "Oh no! It's going to be kind of sad when we leave, huh?" He said, with something between worry, panic, and regret in his voice. Without me even prompting him, he suggested that I write down all the highlights of Grenadaall the things we can't miss doing together before we leave. Then he told me to pick a Saturday for us to do all those things together, and he'd make sure during the week to get ahead on his studies so we can give Grenada a proper farewell.

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