Walk it Out

In the evenings here, there's about a one-hour window in which you can go outside without feeling like your skin will melt off and before it gets dark and the mosquitos come out to feast on your flesh. During this window, I usually pull Jared away from his studies to take me for a walk. I'm basically like his puppy--I make messes, I need to be fed, and if I'm not taken for a daily walk I get into trouble.

Jared understands and is happy to go walking with me. When I was gone last month he got a taste for how lonely one can become when cooped up in an apartment all day with no one to talk to and nowhere to go. You start to go stir crazy come late afternoon. Sure I do things with the other wives occasionally, but I usually have plenty of work to keep me busy at home, plus you can only do so many beach days before you start to get sick of washing the sand and saltwater out of your hair (I know--woe is me).

Our favorite spots to walk to are the nearby Coral Cove dock and the tide pools. The pictures above are from the walk we took to the dock last night. Some of the most peaceful moments we've had in Grenada have been spent sitting on the bench on that dock, looking across to the tiny houses on the other side of the bay or up at the stars. I'm going to miss those moments when we're gone.

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  1. Sir and I have been going on a walk every evening and we're both very happy about it :) And I'm loving this daily blogging!!!



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