Twice a week, Jared goes to a "class" called CPD (it has something to do with practicing clinical skills). Jared does not like this class one bit. Basically you practice talking to a "patient" (a paid/apathetic Grenadian actor) in front of a group of peers and a proctor, and then they critique you and tell you everything you could have done better. My least favorite part of my undergrad was being peer critiqued on my writing and editing work (there was a really intense girl in my group who lacked social skills and maybe made me cry a few times), so I can't blame him for hating it a little.

Yesterday, Jared had a group quiz for CPD. A patient comes in, and the students question the patient, take his or her history, and perform a basic medical examination. It was one of a handful of days each term in which Jared dresses up in nice clothes and his lab coat and hops on the SGU bus to go about his official med school business. I just love my guy in that white coat--and in his prescriptionless glasses that he never wears to school but are severely awesome.

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  1. I have to know. What freaking filter are you using on your pictures? They are the perfection of the 90's that I love. please share. RIght now.
    Thanks byyyeeeee



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