Red and Green

Well hey. 

Jared and I took some Christmas pictures on the beach last night. Since American Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in Grenada, everyone's already got their Christmas decorations up and we've been singing Christmas hymns in church. Anyway, I was all excited for the pictures and planned out poses and curled my hair (a thing that's usually not worth doing here) and everything. I waited all afternoon for golden hour, which I thought started at 5:30, but apparently while I was gone for a month it moved up so now it ends at 5:30. So basically we got to the beach and it was pitch black within 20 minutes. 

We were only able to take a few rushed pictures and the lighting wasn't golden, but they're alright and we'll try again next week! I figured that I may as well have some fun editing these pictures in the meantime, so I played with the grain a bit.
Speaking of golden hour, this gem of a quote happened today when Jared couldn't remember the word for "sunset":

Jared: What's it called again? Up sun? Down sun?
^^These two poses up there were to humor Jared, who thought they were hilarious.


  1. Hahaha, loved the "down sun!" We all have that moment at some point. Mine was "What's the thing where it gets dark outside??" "The night, Dottie." Embarrassing!! Also I think the thumbs up picture is your best one! :)

  2. bahaha Jared's pose ideas are awesome! :) Also, down sun, lol! One time I was hanging out with my bilingual friend and he said, "Put it next to that green leafy thing." And I was like, "Um, the PLANT?" Which may or may not sound as funny to you, since you weren't there, but at the time, we busted up :)

    1. Haha, yes!! I love language mishaps. We definitely picked the right major, me and you.



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