Teeth and Backs and New Sisters

So, uh, I really don't have a post in mind for these pictures--I just had to get them on the Internet before I lost track of them. They basically just reflect how strange Jared and I are when it's just the two of us, and yet we think we are hilarious. I guess I'll post about our nightly routine, because the top pic is me giving Jared a good stare-down for making me brush my teeth at night.

Every night I get all whiny because, well, I'm just not  a night person. I love mornings, but once it gets dark out in the evening I'm basically a mopey useless mess. After dinner, I normally finish up my editing projects or try to wrap up the last little points on my to-do list. Jared studies, and when he's done studying roundabouts 10:00, he comes into the bedroom and announces bedtime. I get pouty because who-knows-why (normally I deflect the blame to hormones), but I grudgingly put my stuff away and crawl into bed. Jared crawls in beside me and I'll give him a kiss and then he'll say, "Did you brush your teeth?" At this point I lie and tell him yes, because I'm already in bed and offended that he doesn't think my breath is like rainbows and flower petals 100% of the time. Then Jared gives me this spiel about how if I don't brush my teeth at night I'll get cavities and have numerous other fatal health conditions he just made up using words he learned in medical school. Then I give him the spiel about how I've never had a cavity in my life, but he brushes and flosses a million times a day and gets tons of cavities. Therefore, it stands to reason that I'd be better off not brushing at night. But eventually Jared wins and I tromp on over to the bathroom to brush my teeth and give him a good glare down. Thus the top picture. 

The bottom picture was from an afternoon last week when we were watching cartoons in bed. Jared had just given himself a haircut, so he wasn't wearing a shirt. All of a sudden he got up to adjust the volume on the computer. But there was a phone stuck to his back as he walked away, and I could not stop laughing. The phone fell off and left this mark, and that just made me laugh harder, and then he went and checked it out and couldn't stop laughing, and yes I realize how ridiculous this makes our lives sound right now.

Oh hey, in more exciting news, my big brother's getting married! He got engaged last night to Caitlin, and I'm really excited about it. She loves hiking and rock climbing and camping and all the things I love! And now I'll have a Haines sister so I won't be quite so outnumbered by boys at all family functions. And they got engaged up Dry Canyon, which is where Jared and I got engaged! I think I will post a picture because how cute is it that the picture of his engagement is the footnote to the post with the picture of my husband's back? I will take one million good sister points for this move.
^^Aren't they both the CUTEST?? Our children are going to have the best-looking, most outdoorsy cousins. Our poor children's self esteems...

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