Red Hair Don't Care

Jared always tells me that he loves the color of my hair in one of my old Facebook profile pictures from high school when my hair was dark brown with just a hint of red. The night before I flew home to Grenada, I got a couple of box dyes from WalMart and had my mom dye my hair in the upstairs bathroom to surprise him. We shut the door and had a little hair dying party while we told each other secrets about my brothers (oh hey Jordan! hi Chris! whaddup Tim?).

I had originally wanted to dye it it dark brown with just a tint of plum, but that wasn't an option at the particular WalMart I visited, so I went with a red. In real life it looks more like the darker color in those last two pictures than the first picture. I didn't think it would come out this bold, but it's ok because it's the kind of dye that fades out in two months (so don't you worry, Grandma!). Plus, I kind of like it this bold for now, and Jared loves it. When else in my life am I going to live on a tropical island with the most chill vibes ever, surrounded only by people who are our age an think it's the bees' knees?

(That's a very interesting aspect of this Grenada experience--there are hundreds of other Americans, but all of them are peers! No one is older than, like, 35. Church can be weird because there aren't any old people with lots of life experience to keep us in check. It's just a bunch of twenty-somethings who think we know everything and a bunch of locals who are all converts and speak in a different dialect.)

So anyway, this blog might be filled with an inordinate amount of selfies over the next few weeks, because (a) the dye will probably start to fade by then and I want to capture my fun hair while it still looks semi-decent, and (b) I bought a new lens over my break that is excellent for selfies (thanks for your informational blog post about lenses/selfies, Emily!).


  1. It looks so good! I still haven't ever dyed my hair . . . I'm just afraid about not being able to get my natural color back I think. But posts like this make me want to try it! Someday haha :)

    Also, I've been reading all your posts lately and loving them, but I read them on my phone on bloglovin' which stupidly does not provide a quick way to comment, so here is a comment for all of them saying *like* :)

    1. You're the best Ashley! I would like to give a virtual *like* to all of your posts as well :) I'm so glad we had classes together all through undergrad so we could become friends!

    2. p.s. Some day when you're feeling really crazy you should definitely buy a fade-out dye. The one U use is the Natural Instincts brand that lasts 28 washes. I've done tons in my lifetime, and they always fade out really nicely over the course of a few months.



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