Jared's Schedule

Jared is currently in his toughest term of med school. This is less because of the content he is learning, and more because of his schedule. Here is what an average day in the life of Jared looks like this term (each day varies a bit, but this is an example of the particularly busy days):

6:30  Wake up and get ready for school. Eat breakfast and wake Laura up.

7:15  Ask Laura if she could maybe pack you a lunch before the school bus arrives in 1.5 minutes. Half-listen while Laura waddles around with zombie bedhead, carrying a jar of peanut butter, and tells you about the dream she had last night in which you were part of a British boy band and had killer dance moves.

7:20  Grab yo' lunch, smooch yo' wife, then sit on the front porch and wait to catch the bus up to campus.

8:00-12:00  Sit in the same lecture hall for 4 hours and try to understand as professors with thick foreign accents teach about the human body.

12:00-12:45  Devour lunch while preparing for labs.

1:00-5:00  Labs and clinical stuffs. Group work, group work, group work.

5:00-6:00  Rush home, eat dinner, review class notes, rush back to campus. Alternatively, wait for Laura to come to campus and eat dinner there with you.

6:00-8:00  Truly pointless clicker quizzes.

8:00  Back home, make a valient effort to study for a few hours, even though your brain has had more than enough.

10:00  Unwind with a much-needed episode of Parks & Rec.

10:30  Sleep.

So you see, there's not a whole lot of room for being a normally functioning human in there. Lots of days aren't quite so bad, and sometimes he's even home for good by 3:30 in the afternoon. Jared uses those days to play catch up on his studying and USMLE prep.

Weekends are our saving grace. This last Saturday, I woke up to the sound of Jared's deafening electric hair clippers (the electricity here turns hair clippers into lawn mowers). Jared's buddy Joe was over and Jared was giving him a haircut. This is a normal Saturday occurrence--Jared's building up quite the clientele (although he refuses to charge). Joe is an excellent human, so I joined them on the veranda and we talked about hiking and clinical rotations.
After Joe left we went inside and stayed there for the next 9 hours, studying and working. At some point we turned into cave people and could communicate only by grunting and throwing tongue compressors at each other. We were saved by a Facebook message from our friend Alex, inviting us over for pizza and a swim in her apartment pool (this is a different girl and a different pool from the last post). We accepted without hesitation and were soon trying to explain to the pizza guy where to meet us (a difficult feat, since American English is very different from Grenadian English and also because there are no home addresses in Grenada). The girls (Alex, Michelle, and I) hovered in the pool and philosophically discussed our opinions on "beach vs. mountains" while the guys (Mark, Jason, and Jared) swam around and talked about investment opportunities. It was the perfect break from school and life, and this is the only picture I took. Just imagine good friends and pizza, an infinity pool, and a sky full of stars. Sometimes Grenada isn't the worst.


  1. Your life is crazy! How do you not miss Jared every second? When Dave is on his week-on, it's all I can do not to go crazy!

  2. It's rough! I think it helps that I have work and lots of projects to keep me busy. Also I try to enjoy that he's at least here during the evenings and weekends, because I know that won't always be the case once he starts doing his rotations and residency! Oh, life with husbands in the medical field. It's a ride, huh?



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