Grilled Pizza

A few days ago, some friends invited us over for an early dinner at their apartment pool. The pool is a pretty lil' thing (especially by Grenada standards), and we had it all to ourselves! Tory and Dallin made pizza dough and we grilled it on their little grill, adding toppings afterward. I didn't pull out the camera until we had finished eating, so I don't have many pictures. Here are a few that I did snap though! Baby Mila (green diaper) took her first little steps during this get-together, so that was fun.
^^We figured that if there were ever an appropriate time to wear matching Hawaiian shirts, a poolside barbecue would be it.


  1. This pizza looks DANG GOOD. I also wanted to let you know about the Canon pancake lens. It's amazing. Here's a link it's basically a wide angle like I got. it's super affordable too



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