An Ironic Conversation

Friday afternoon, I met Jared on campus to grab some lunch. I had my heart set on Cloud 9's fish tacos, but alas, the shack wasn't to open until dinner hours. Instead, we settled for our usual Greek Kitchen lamb plate. Truthfully I'm a little bit over lamb (and chicken), but we had limited time and it's Jared's favorite near-campus meal, so lamb it was. As we waited at a breezy table for our food, we had the following conversation:

Laura: Man, I feel so sorry for Jason getting food poisoning in Grenada so many times. I don't think I've ever had food poisoning before in my life. Have you?

Jared: No, I don't think so. And that would stink during 4th term.

Laura: Seriously. We're lucky--we haven't even gotten sick at all in Grenada! High five!

Jared: [high fives] Man, I'm so glad it's Saturday tomorrow. I need a break.

Laura: Ya, it's been a long week. Hey! Instead of going on a date tonight, could we maybe go for a hike in the morning instead? Every time I've planned to go hiking with you here so far it's rained, and I think it's supposed to be clear tomorrow.

Jared: Let's do it!

The next morning, I awoke at an unusually early hour for a Saturday to the sounds of Jared being sick in the bathroom. And with what? Why, food poisoning of course! We're 90% sure it was from the jasmine rice I bought at IGA (pinkies out for jasmine rice) that was four times cheaper than the other brands and from some random country. Note to self: don't be a grocery-store cheapskate in a third-world country. Just don't. 

Jared's first words to me when he came back to bed? "I'm so so so sorry we can't go for the hike!" What a sweetie. What a sad, sickly sweetie.

I felt ill too over Saturday and Sunday, and Jared's still sick with something that's not food poisoning but is keeping him home from school. Oh the ironies. There we were, the day after our lunch conversation, sick, plagued with food poisoning, and not able to use our Saturday as a break or as a hiking day. We were able to pull ourselves together enough to get a half hour of fresh air on BBC Beach (Morne Rouge Beach) before our aching stomachs compelled us to leave. I really really wanted to take some pictures and video of kids playing on these really fun blow-up water toys that have been around all summer . . .
. . . but they were gone! Apparently whoever owns them has been moving them from island to island, and their time here is done. Jared and I did get to pay 10 ec to play on them with friends a few weeks ago, and it was way more fun than it even looks like it could be from the picture. Wipeouts galore. Those are some of my fondest beach memories (*tear*).

But we took pictures of our walk anyway and it was worth the 10 minute drive to get there. Here's to a much better weekend next time around.

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