So far, this weekend has been seriously the best. Yesterday afternoon Jared came home from school exhausted so we took a two-hour nap. Then when I woke up before him and noticed that the sun was dipping away, I drove down to the nearest beach and sat on the sand to enjoy the most gorgeous pink sunset. This is something I need to take myself to do more often. As awesome as the sunsets are from our backyard, nothing beats a beach sunset.

When I got home, I whipped us up a quick dinner of red potatoes and the biggest, yummiest salad everrr (using Jared's mom's recipe). We legitimately each ate an entire head of romaine lettuce on our own and felt awesome. Then I left Jared home to study while I went to a beach bonfire at Savvy's with a bunch of friends and we roasted marshmallows. It was good to get to know lots of the new girls in the branch (there are like 10 of them!) over our orders of some unreal tropical smoothies. We all laughed about our conversations, because the things we talk about here are things that no normal group of girls would talk about over drinks in the States. We talked about our quirky refrigerators (no one here has a normally functioning fridge--they all overheat or leak or ice over every day, and the fresh produce and meat only stay good in them for a maximum of two or three days), and about our individual tipping points for finally deciding to regularly turn on the AC (an expensive but, in my opinion, very necessary commodity). After the bonfire, I went home to Jared and we made brownies and watched cartoons. 

This Saturday morning I'm having is something out of a dream. I slept in and then made myself a mango-papaya-starfruit breakfast smoothie. I took it back to bed with me and I've been sipping on it while browsing the Anthropologie website. You guys, I'm obsessed with Anthro. (I know I know, who isn't?) I've only ever made one purchase there, but Jared's mom got me an Anthropologie gift card for Christmas last year and I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it ever since. I lusted after this swimming suit for a few months:
It was expensive, but I knew that a sale would come up eventually. Unfortunately, it sold out before that could happen. Tears were shed. It's probably for the best though--I currently own ten swimming suits and love all of them. I really don't need any more.

The sale I was waiting for is actually going on now though! If you are on Anthropologie's mailing list, you should have received an e-mail this morning containing a code for 20% off any item purchased this weekend. I used my gift card to buy something for our next apartment/home that I am SO excited about. I've been eyeing it for a good year now, and although I couldn't ever justify paying the ticket price for it, this little sale/gift card combo was just the nudge I needed. I'll show you pictures in a few weeks.

Also, why didn't anyone tell me that Anthropologie has a weddings line (BHLDN)??!? If I were to marry Jared all over again, I would build my own BHLDN wedding dress. It would look like this for a summer wedding:
^^This coverlet (I will also take her hair, please and thank you)
^^over this skirt
^^with these shoes.

Or if we were getting married in the winter, I would go with this winning combo:
I die. Realistically I'd probably only have the budget for this unconventional $300 dress though, which I would add some gorgeous sleeves to and never take off:
Happy weekend everyone! I'm off to build some sandcastles.

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