A Happy List

L to R: Me, Alex, Kylie, Tori, Laina, Jenny, Sam, Holly

Jumpsuits. They are SO COMFY. I know they look kind of awkward (see above picture), but they feel like socially acceptable pajamas. I'm definitely the only person here who wears them, which should make me uncomfortable, but I just know the trend will be gone by the time we return to America and I couldn't let it pass me by.

The kindness of Grenadians. It's weird being a minority in a third-world country. Some locals do their best to swindle the Americans, but most of them are just the kindest and friendliest, and if you tell them they're good fishermen they'll toss you a couple of lobsters to pose with.

Not being sick. Earlier this week I was super nauseated and feverish one day (not pregnant, yo) and I was convinced I was coming down with some flu. But by the next day I was 100% back to normal and like, "Hey I can do things today!" Being healthy is the best.

Jared watching himself in the video I posted last time and laughing so hard at how funny he thought he was in the last 3 minutes. It was the best. This is funny to me because (a) Jared usually hates seeing himself on film--he won't even watch our wedding video willingly, (2) he wasn't even really particularly funnier than usual in the video? and (d) he was not even humble at all about what a brilliant comedian he's decided he is. He was all, "Am I always that funny? Man, I didn't even know it!" The answer is, yes, he's always good for a few excellent quotes and giggles every day. And that's when I realized that if Jared was a character in a TV show, then the real Jared would not even be able to get enough of that TV show. It's not that he's a cocky guy, it's just that he has a very specific, quirky sense of humor that only he possesses, and so naturally he would be his own biggest comedy fan. He just gets himself, you know? We could all probably stand to be a little more like that. (Also, I think school must be getting to him because no one should ever be able to laugh so hard and for so long as Jared did watching film clips of himself last night. It was seriously hilarious.) Next time I show Jared clips of himself, I'm going to have to film him watching them so that you can see how funny it is, and so that he can see how funny it is. And he'll probably think it's hilarious, and I'll have to film him watching film clips of himself watching film clips of himself, and then I'll show him those film clips, and it will go on forever and one day I will show our children and they will ask if they're adopted. The end.

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