10 Things

Oh haaaaay! Lookie here, a free afternoon for me, and that means a blog post.

First off, I did a "10 Things About Me" blog post a week or so ago because Emily tagged me to do one, but then I pulled it real quick to make some revisions. I must have accidentally deleted that post because I can't find it. Oops. Here's a pathetically short new one for you!

1. I like to eat lots of protein (but not in an "I work out" kind of way--don't be silly).
2. My favorite breakfast option is biscuits and gravy.
3. I prefer mountains over beaches (although the beaches in Grenada are pretty amazing).
4. I'm a picky reader. I'll only enjoy it if it's really well written and has a reallllly engaging plot.
5. My favorite season is fall.
6. I signed up for my first marathon because a guy I liked dared me to.
7. I've never had a cavity (Jared hates me for this one--he takes way better care of his teeth than I do and he still gets cavities).
8. In high school, my cool friends and I would dress up in '80s attire and watch old aerobics VHS's.
9. I'm fairly low-maintenance, but I do enjoy painting my nails and dressing up fancy.
10. I sometimes have fainting spells when Jared gets close to me. It started out as a joke when we were engaged, like, "Oh I feel faint--catch me!" But now it's like a semi-dangerous reflex.

I believe when I wrote the original post last week, I tagged Alex, Ashley, and Dottie to do this next if they're into this sort of thing. And hey Ishel, you too ;)

Jared's busy studying for his midterms this weekend, so chances are you'll see another post soon.


  1. I've heard that cavities (and overall dental health) can be genetic! Kinda weird and unfair haha.

  2. hahah I'm the same way with protein. I'm like yeahhh bring it on! but I may or may not work out that much... and that is so funny about the marathon! How did it go?! #8 hhaahah!! 80s aerobics videos are so dang funny! That's awesome you dressed up in 80s clothes and watched 80s workout videos!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  3. Laura!! What would you, as a picky reader, say is your favorite book? Just curious! :)

  4. Ahhh! I haven't been blogging in forever! Now I have a reason! Woot!

  5. Ahhh! I haven't been blogging in forever! Now I have a reason! Woot!

  6. loved all those 10 things! you're so cute!



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