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password: grenada (no caps)

This is a video I put together of all the footage my brothers and I got while they were visiting us here in Grenada. For jokes, I wanted to pick a Grenadian dancehall song for the background, since that's what all the taxis played the week my brothers were here. There are random sound effects all throughout the songs, like sirens and horns and girls saying "are you serious?" Unfortunately I couldn't find a good one for the movie, but this song comes from an album called "Dancehall Places," so I figure that counts. I'd recommend watching in HD on Vimeo. Enjoy!

(The best part is when Jordan accidentally lets go of his kite at 00:51.)

p.s. I'm new to the world of video making, so for all you more seasoned filmmakers out there, I have a question. Where do you go to find quality free music for your videos? I don't want to pay $40 to license a new song every time I want to make and publish a personal video. I also don't want my videos removed from the web if my music isn't licensed properly. Suggestions?

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  1. How fun to have your brothers come visit!! I enjoy every member of your family that I've ever met. Which I'm now realizing might include all of you? And that rock slide is like heart-eyes-amazing. I want to slide down every water avenue of that thing, and I hate water activities. So.



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