Mt. Qua Qua

This last Friday was my birthday! At first I was wary of the whole "husband's first day of finals lands on my birthday" thing, but it worked out great. The morning was filled with an unbelievably gorgeous hike with my lady frands, the afternoon was filled with the brakes in our car going out as I was reversing down a hill, and the evening was filled with steak at a pricey restaurant on the beach that we had all to ourselves and was totally worth every EC. Afterward, Jared spoiled me with a beautiful black peplum top (boy's got good taste) and a manicure/pedicure coupon for when we go home this summer. (Oh, and turns out the car had just run out of brake fluid, and I expertly maneuvered the car into a ditch when the brakes went out instead of crashing, so everything worked out there. TIG.)

My birthday comes at a good time, because Jared has this philosophy where until I actually become a mother, I have to pamper him on mother's day. So it was good to have the birthday pampering fresh on the mind when all my IG babyless married friends were all like, "Husband surprised me with breakfast in bed--best mother's day ever, I luv being a wife!" And I was over here like, "Here Jared, I nuked you some frozen chicken nuggets for dinner. Good thing our power finally came back on after that 20-hour outage." That sounds bitter, but I promise it's not. Mother's Day was actually hilarious!

As I walked into church, this Grenadian guy shook my hand and was like, "Pardon me for asking, but are you a mother?" And I smiled and told him no, and then he unapologetically waved me away from the giant basket of candy bars he was holding and into the church. And then the same thing happened AGAIN on the way out! Hahaha. I stinkin' love this place. The culture is the funniest. Buuuut, that actually would have been a really sad moment if we were trying to have babies right now and couldn't, which is something that several girls over here are struggling with right now :( After church, we couldn't help but take a long nap, since our place was crazy hot, what with the power outage. Unfortunately, if I don't set my alarm on afternoon naps, I get this creepy sleep paralysis thing where my mind is trying to wake up but I can't move anything, and then I hallucinate scary men standing in the corners of whatever room I'm in. After I finally was able to roll my body off the bed (without using arms or legs, mind you), we went for an hour long walk to catch a breeze and clear our heads. There were some guys kitesurfing at a nearby beach during our walk, so we watched them for a while until the power came back on throughout our village.

But a bit more about the hike, since it was one of my Grenada bucket list items, and that's what this post is supposed to be about. The Mt. Qua Qua trail begins in this jungley area where you go if you want to see wild monkeys. Unfortunately, they'll only come out if they're hungry and you have a yellow banana, so no matter how many hilarious monkey calls we made, they were not having it. I'm going to drag Jared up there with me after his finals and we'll try again!

The trail is steep and about an hour long, but the scenery is magnificent. There are palm trees and jungle all around you, and at the top there's this incredible view of three sides of the island and a giant crater lake. It's so good. I made a video, but I'll add it later because it's bed time and I don't want to figure out how to upload it.

Ok, that's all. One more reassurance about how much I love Jared and think he's the bomb diggity. So proud of this guy for rockin' his finals, even though he's crazy burned out by now. And also I'm feeling grateful that in the middle of finals week he took off an entire afternoon and evening to make me feel special on my birthday. I don't know what I did to deserve him, but I'm one lucky lady.

Over and out! Next time I post, there will be more pictures and fewer words. I pinky promise.


  1. Yay! Way to go doing your first bucket list item! :) Looks gorgeous. Also, happy late birthday! :) Glad you got to spend it with some friends (and Jared haha) :)

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